Sunday, March 20, 2022 4:00 am - Thursday, March 31, 2022 7:00 am
<a href="">New Jordan 2020</a>, Nike has been very active since the beginning of 2022 compared to the first half of last year. From Chinese New Year to Air Max Day, the brand can't keep up with all the new arrivals they're launching. One of the duos, Dunk Low "Setsubun," unfortunately got lost in the shuffle, missing the eponymous music festival for nearly a month. However, that did not delay the release of the colorway, as newly leaked official photos suggest there will be one soon. Setsubun, which translates to "sector of the season", is a celebration celebrated in early February. According to the Japanese lunar calendar, the festival is held the day before the beginning of spring. While Halloween is not a national holiday, many people still do rituals to drive away bad moods. Jifen, also known as the "Bean Throwing Festival," is best commemorated with additional graphics on the shoes. For example, the great horn master Tsuno Daishi has purple thread embroidered on the heel, while Swooshes replace his horns. Although the character's appearance may seem sinister, it does protect against evil and disease. Elsewhere, the imagery beneath the insole is inspired by the work of Edo-era artist Utagawa Kuniyoshi, whose vibrant colors depict the folk hero urn in action.
<a href="">2020 Cheap Jordans</a>, With countless variations, Nike is ready to deliver the Air Force 1 in its purest form, complemented by some trusted design strategies. In celebration of the Air Force 1's 40th anniversary, the shoe will be available in an official Vintage Edition, with sail and coconut cream to convey the old look we've identified decades ago. Nike kept some of the original elements, such as the silver-grey Swoosh and sole, as well as the tongue tab, while the midplate tried to replicate the nylon used in the original. To support its case, leather with a damaged finish embellishes the heel guard and stripes. With the Air Force 1 celebrating its 40th anniversary in 2022, we would have expected some collaborations with designers and stores. However, we haven't heard of any such move so far, but an influx of "GR" styles that will guarantee everyone has enough Air Force 1s.
<a href="">Retro Jordan 2021</a>, Even the limited edition can't beat the "Triple White" Air Force 1, arguably one of the most iconic pieces in the Nike collection. And, while the brand may be experimenting with unusual creative makeup for the 40th anniversary, most will probably stick to a more direct approach. The next pair, slightly modified from its neutral-dominant counterpart, is just that, offering an option for those who want something new but not too different. The shoes are almost entirely white, like they've been done a few times before. As usual, smooth leather wraps the toe, mid-panel and heel with matching laces, eye guards and tongue in between. While the sole mostly matches, the tread is darker to the touch, and the grey tones are also shown along the Swoosh, heel tab and associated branding.
<a href="">jordan shoes 2019</a>, Nike has yet to kick off the Air Force 1's 40th anniversary, as they're clearly preoccupied with Air Max Day. That hasn't stopped the company from announcing commemorative items, which include collaborations with Stussy, Civilist Berlin, and most likely Drake. Many other GRs are on the way, and more are being released every day, like this cannabis-made shade. Unlike what we're used to seeing, the silhouette looks handcrafted. The top is braided with a wide white thread that wraps everything from the toe. Even the construction of the Swoosh and heel tabs are similar, but they are colored in bright orange and blue, respectively. The bright green tongue is noticeably more typical, while the lower part of the sole is recycled, as can be seen from the faint spots.
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